Blue Monday

Blue Monday

It's a lovely fresh watercolour, Michael

I like it Micheal, all the more impressive for having been imagined. You say you have a shaky hand, me too, we'll have to form a club. 'The shakies'.

Michael this is a little masterpiece. Beautifully painted. Despite the shakiness.

Lovely watercolour, Michael. I admire people who can paint from their imagination. I couldn't do that.

Full of something special, your picture, Michael.

Thankyou all! Good idea Lewis. I vote you President if the Club!

You have painted this beautifully Michael, it has brightened up my morning looking at this.

If it has brightened your morning Margaret, I'm a happy man! Sunshine has been in very short supply here in southern Herefordshire.

Ha, Monday was a beautiful day here Michael, today it's pouring down again. Your bright picture and yesterday help me remember what blue skies are like. (-:

Lovely scene Michael, good to see your current problem is not stopping you painting, I always think it's good therapy.

I really like the dry brush effect. Such a skilful painting.

Posted on Wed 11 Apr 17:22:37

Thanks Jim, Stephen & Ibolya. Stephen - I think painting is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Chronic nerve pain is difficult to cope with. Any other sufferers out there - you have my sympathy.

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Today was such a miserable wet and cheerless day that I felt compelled to brighten things up by painting this imaginary scene with plenty of light and blue sky. My now permanent shaky hand is in evidence and the quay seems to rise a foot or two from left to right but as many of them aren't horizontal I decided not to fiddle with it.

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Hello. I am a retired Chartered Building Surveyor who took up watercolours at the age of 66 fifteen years ago. It is never too late! Whilst I could always draw and understood perspective ( my training helped that) I had never painted other than a few sketches for clients as an articled pupil 60…

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