The Sussex Downs

The Sussex Downs

This is lovely, Michael. I love the subject and the beautiful, bright colours. All the best for your health.

You have done a grand job of this lovely painting Michael. So sorry to hear about your health problems, I do hope things improve with time.

I agree with all Michael a beauty

Hope you are well Michael my best wishes

Thank you so much Mia Margaret & Dennis. So nice to be back painting even with constraints!

Really like this Michael. All the best for your recovery.

Posted by T H on Mon 12 Mar 18:02:48

I’m sorry to hear about your health Michael. I think you’ve done an excellent watercolour despite your set back and if you’ve enjoyed the process it will encourage you do carry on....I hope. Best wishes.

Thank you Timothy. Being able to paint again takes my mind off very painful feet!

Sorry to hear about your condition - I hope it's one in which some improvement can be achieved. You've done a good job in the circumstances, and a good job anyway, irrespective of circumstances, in producing this light, fresh watercolour.

Nice work John, I'm sure art will be a great therapy for you.

Fiona Robert & Stephen - thanks for your encouragement . I have so missed painting and being at least able to hold a wobbly brush again is wonderful. Never fear, Fiona, I’ll keep at it, perhaps not quite so often as before, and nothing is going to stop me drawing and painting!

A great start back Michael, good luck on your road to recovery. This is lovely and fresh keep up the good work and you can’t really go wrong if you follow the work of Wesson.

Thank you Barry. Wesson had a style that looked effortless and the ability to commit to paper only the essential. Looks easy until one tries it! He is my favourite landscape watercolourist.

Lovely fresh, light touch, best wishes.

Thank you Helen.

Sorry to hear about your illness Michael. My father is in the same shoes as you, same time, similar symptoms. I'm glad you are able to paint again. This turned out really good even with shaky hands. Get better soon!

Posted on Wed 14 Mar 21:44:49
Hang on Studio Wall

This is my first attempt at painting since I fell ill 3 months ago with Chronic Inflammatory de-myenilating Polyneuropathy - bit of a mouthful but basically damage to the sheathing of the peripheral nerves which has taken away my ability to walk or grip/hold anything easily with my hands. So, although no masterpiece, it was with great delight that I managed to paint this today even with a very wobbly hand. This is loosely based on an Edward Wesson painting that I saw was up for auction recently.

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