Last of the afternoon sunlight

Last of the afternoon sunlight

Really lovely Michael!

You can labour over a painting for days and still not get it right - whereas a quick study like this one can capture all you need to say. And it did.

Walked near there last week and you've captured the colours we saw brilliantly

Works very well Michael lovely direct watercolour and i find sometimes these quickies have something special that more finished works at times lack

Wonderful work and beautiful sky, Michael.

Linda, Robert, Derek, Dermot & Cesare - thank you! Pleased you like it. As Robert said, quick ones can often yield pleasant surprises.

Not forgetting you Dennis! Thank you.

Great light and a lovely loose effect!

Thanks Rob - sometimes something simple works .....the more I fiddle the worse the result.

Hang on Studio Wall

Just up the road from home a couple of days ago. A late afternoon sun illuminates Horseshoe Bottom in the New Forest. With a low sun from behind the valley bottom is in deep shadow. This was a "quickie" with no attempt at finesse. Just wanted to get that feel of late afternoon light on a November day.

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Hello. I am a retired Chartered Building Surveyor who took up watercolours at the age of 66 fifteen years ago. It is never too late! Whilst I could always draw and understood perspective ( my training helped that) I had never painted other than a few sketches for clients as an articled pupil 60…

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