A country lane

A country lane

Very nice Michael, good additions and lovely shadows,

Michael, This is a lovely ,relaxing scene with a warm feeling created by those effective shadows. Diana

David, Dennis & Diana (the 3 D's!) - thank you very much. I think Paul Weaver should take some of the credit for showing me the way.

Nice painting, Michael. I too have appreciated Weaver's demonstation in the magazine. You have very well rendered the subject.

Lovely watercolour work Michael, those long shadows work very well and emphasise the light areas.

Thank you Stephen & Cesare.

Love the dense shadows Michael, show the highlights up beautifully.

Like this Michael, well painted as all your work is , I particularly like the shadows . Well done mate

Fiona & Dennis - thank you both - much appreciated.

Another beautifully painted scene, especially love the shadows in this Michael, wonderfully confident brushstrokes.

Thank you Suzanne - I'm not sure about the 'confident' bit!

Nicely done Michael, and with great contrast! Love the post box - very Turner!

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I found Paul Weaver's demonstration in the May 2016 edition of 'The Artist' fascinating. I like his watercolours very much particularly in the way he gets light and contrast into his paintings. So I have had a go at his demonstration but altered a few things such as adding the white cottage with the thatched roof and a red post box.

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