The Manor at Sway

The Manor at Sway

This is lovely Michael, I was surprised to read it is in pen and wash, until I read on to see you are using such a fine pen. Super use of shadow here too.

Lovely subject and skills Michael. Reminds me of a now demolished similar strucure now under the M3 at Shawford which was an artisit commune and I went to take part in workshops.

And great use of it Michael another great work

Had to look twice when I first spotted this as it could almost be one of mine - until, that is, I saw it was one of yours - I never tire of looking at your work because although we work in very similar styles there is always something I can observe and learn from. I also use pen usually .2 or .5 and love the way you have treated the two figures and the lovely rich shadow - this is another superb piece Michael.

Looks a lovely place Michael, bet they would like to put this on their wall.

It looks a grand old house Michael, and what a superb watercolour, I really love this one.

Great shadows and composition, Michael, lovely

Thank you all for your very positive & generous feedback; and Michael - when you become famous, I shall have to start signing my paintings ' Michael Edwards' and see how long I can get away with it!!


I just love your style of watercolour painting. Beautiful lines and colour skill.

Shirley & Willie - thank you!

Great pen and wash work. The building is terrific with just the right amount of colour and shade surrounding it. Very nice indeed.

Thanks Andre - the difficulty these days is keeping the slightly twitchy right hand steady enough to work with a fine line pen!

Appreciate that comment Michael, join the club. I have giving up on trying.

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Our local village hotel. It used to be called 'The White Rose' before it changed hands and this is the name many of us locals call it out of habit! Quite an interesting building architecturally. At the rear facing south is a large lawn, some imposing trees and a swimming pool. A very pleasant summer venue. This is a pen and wash, 14x10 in using my newly-acquired 0.05 mm black waterproof fine line pen.

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