Up the creek

Up the creek

Quiet and peaceful scene - I often wonder if it really matters where a painting was made: people always ask - "where is it?": does it matter? Provided you're not actually commissioned to paint a particular place, why not borrow a bit from here, a church from there, a bridge from somewhere else? Here's where the abstract artists have it over the likes of us.... they're not asked to almost justify themselves, as landscape painters tend to be!

As Robert has said, does it matter?, well not to me, this is a superb setting Michael and so well painted.

Most attractive scene beautifully painted.

A lovely painting of a wonderfully English scene really well painted, as always Michael.

So harmonious, a lovely painting Michael.

Lovely watercolour once again Michael, love the sky.

A beautiful watercolour. I am glad it is not just me who can't remember where scenes that I have photos of, are from, except a general, yes that was when we went to Devon etc!

Thank you all for your kind comments. I rather like the 'make it up as you go along' approach and I agree that accuracy doesn't really matter unless you have been commissioned to paint a particular place.

Beautifully handled with great mastery of the medium Michael.

Thank you Michael ....... I don't know about mastery ..... sometimes they 'come off' and sometimes they don't.

Hang on Studio Wall

It's somewhere in Norfolk but I can't remember where! 14x10in. on Arches Rough

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