Fishing boats

Fishing boats

Lovely this has a special quality Michael.

The 'hit and miss' effect seems to work extremely well!

That's ideal Michael, hit and miss, lost and found, our eyes tells us the complete picture.

Super work Michael, has a lively, unfussed feel to it.

If, it has a hit and miss look to it Michael, it has life.

It has worked beautifully Michael...detailed and yet not overdone,

yOu say 'hit and miss' Michael, but I say loose and atmospheric. Well done.

Love especially the reflections. Very loose! Well done Michael!<br />

Great use of watercolour Michael. Particularly like the lost edges between the boats, and the play of lights and darks. The quick ones are often the best !

Thank you all for your lovely comments - it&#39;s not that good! But I agree, Sharon, that the quick ones often work best.<br /><br />We all strive to get better at painting and I think a couple of years ago I would have taken ages to paint this scene - trying to paint the detail of the boats to perfection and I would have &#39;fiddled&#39; for ages on the reflections. The result would have been a very &#39;stiff&#39; painting. So perhaps I have gained a little more confidence to put brush to paper - mind you &#39;disasters&#39; still happen!

Michael, you have captured the essence of the scene, without all the unnecessary details. Fabulous, Suzanne

Suzanne - just returned from shopping in Southampton (not favourite occupation) - you have made my day!

Beautiful work Michael, I love the hit and miss, I'm hoping I can do the same with my water colours, I just think It's great, I'll just have to change my style some what.

Thank you Jimmy. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

An attempt to convey light and contrast. Painted at some speed yesterday evening (as you can probably guess from the rather 'hit and miss' result. However, I hope the general effect is not too bad.

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