Home from School

Home from School

Lovely sunny scene Michael, the foreground shadow works well.

Yes agree with Stephen its caught the light well . Those foreground shadows give it a great feeling of depth.

Your skill cleverly shows us a slight slope down for the school kids Michael and the sense of time adds to the smashing scene.

Thanks Stephen, Dennis and Derek. Yes, those shadows across the road weren't dark enough at first so I over-painted them to a darker shade - improved the feeling of light tremendously. It is so difficult to persuade oneself to paint with enough contrast!

You've captured a beautiful summery village scene Michael...lovely.

Thank you Fiona. One that I just about got away with!

A lovely painting Michael, great colours and shadows

A lovely piece, clean, luminous and fresh. Ticks all the boxes of a good watercolor.

Thanks David & Seok for the "thumbs up" on this one

What a great collection of really well finished paintings, you must be very proud - brilliant!!!

Colin - you are too kind. Not proud but pleased with one or two of them. Never totally happy - always wishing I could paint better - that's me!

Hang on Studio Wall

A "quickie" this afternoon. Trying to capture light without much detail. 14x10 in Arches Rough

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Hello. I am a retired Chartered Building Surveyor who took up watercolours at the age of 66 fifteen years ago. It is never too late! Whilst I could always draw and understood perspective ( my training helped that) I had never painted other than a few sketches for clients as an articled pupil 60…

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