Eventide - across Derwentwater from Keswick Boathouse.

Eventide - across Derwentwater from Keswick Boathouse.

This is beautiful Michael - the strong blues and browns and excellent tonal values, lovely reflections, perfect recession, yes these are all technically perfect but you've just got that added atmosphere which makes this stand out. Can you tell I like it?

I agree with Marjorie's comments, lovely feeling of calm here. Hope the boathouse has survived the recent floods. I spent the New Year in Windermere (town that is) and the road between Grassmere and Keswick was still blocked.

Another nice straight forward honest piece of work, like it very much Michael.

Yes, I can, Marjorie! Thank you.<br /><br />Thank you, too, Stephen and Dennis. I don&#39;t know how many feet the lake rose in the floods but recall seeing an aerial photo showing Lake Bassenthwaite virtually connected to Derwentwater so there must have been a lot of flood damage.

I like that evening feel, the lights in the cottage just coming on and the light on the hills perfect.

We&#39;re going to lose a lot thanks to these floods - hope the boathouse isn&#39;t one of the casualties. This is a very effective painting, and I admire your use of strong colour - I hate wishy-washy watercolours, but of course they don&#39;t have to be.

Great work Michael.

Thank you Carole, Robert and George. <br />&#39;Delicate&#39; watercolours, Robert, can work very well I think but are very difficult to achieve. They usually need a strong counterpoint to be effective IMHO.

That&#39;s a definite WOW! factor Michael

Beautiful words, beautiful painting Michael. You have created that lovely twilight calmness.

Derek &amp; Fiona - thank you. Pleased you like it (and the poem extract)

Beautiful poem Michael and love the painting too....lovely composition and colours.

Thank you Chandra

Really lovely watercolour.

Hang on Studio Wall

"The day is past and the toilers cease, the land grows dim and the shadows grey, and hearts are glad for the dark brings peace, at the close of the day" - quote from a lovely poem by John McCrae.

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