Sunrise somewhere .......

Sunrise somewhere .......

Superb and beautiful work Michael lovely

Doesn&#39;t matter where it is, does it? It&#39;s always sunrise somewhere - lovely deep orange tones, and generous of you to tell us you&#39;d fouled up a bit with the reflections and so painted in the jetty, because I certainly wouldn&#39;t have known (and I think it probably strengthened the painting).<br /><br />It&#39;s interesting that we so often want to know where a scene might be - it has annoyed me somewhat at times, the &quot;oh that&#39;s nice, where is it?&quot; question, because look, there it is, on the wall staring at you: what does it matter where it is, or IF it is? But people so often want to know (and in moments of wickedness, I&#39;ve just made up an answer - &quot;it&#39;s a little spot I know near the Village of Little Wombleton on the Water&quot;, and off they trot, happier we hope).

Such a striking painting - those colours are perfect Michael

Glad you like this quick &#39;flight of fancy&#39; Dennis, Robert &amp; Lynne. Thank you.<br /><br />Yes, Robert, people do like to know where it is don&#39;t they. Must say I was slightly tempted to look up a remote place on the Norwegian coast and say it was there - but that would be rather naughty wouldn&#39;t it !

Michael, very nice painting. Love the bold use of colour and the lights against darks.

Lovely inventive work Michael.

Very brave to use such a strong colour Michael, but hasn&#39;t it paid off...stunning!

Roland, Stephen &amp; Fiona - thank you. Fun to do and used up the back of another painting that didn&#39;t work at all.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sometimes it is fun to make it up as one goes along. No preliminary drawing - just straight in with the paintbrush as I did here. Painted a sunrise sky and then whatever came into my head. Painted a mountain range in silhouette, then a closer lower ridge and then some sea with reflections. However, I botched the reflections bottom centre so, to hide the mess, I painted a dark promontory, hut , boats and jetty. Finally, some white blobs on the far shore to indicate lights and habitation. Haven't a clue where it might be - but my guess would be Norway. Any ideas??

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