Winter walk

Winter walk

Great painting Michael, it's got a lovely feel to it, love your shadow work and loose backround.

Your afternoon was very productive Michael, can't beat gaining info on the spot. I like the use of shadows here, you have remembered to reduce the tone of the shadows as they go farther away from the object which is casting them, I always forget that. Now would the left hand branches on the foreground tree have cast a shadow on the trunk?

Glad you like this one Roland, Dennis &amp; Stephen. Thank you.<br /><br />About those left hand branches Stephen - I think shadows probably would be cast in the &#39;V&#39; where they join the main trunk but I may have overdone it a bit.

A lovely atmospheric piece. I especially like the misty combination of warm and cool colors in the background trees, which draw the viewer&#39;s eye into the painting.

Lovely work Michael, but those foreground posts would be larger surely?

Thanks Derek and Seok.<br /><br />Derek - possibly - but they are only short jobs to prevent vehicle access in the forest.

Lovely Michael, love the washes in the distant trees beginning to take on the colours of this time of year.

Thank you Fiona. Yes, I was pleased with the trees. The sky was originally lighter - but I glazed over a darker wash which, I think, has helped to accentuate the light on the ground.

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I went up into the Forest late this afternoon with camera &amp; sketchbook. Lovely low light. Made a couple of sketches and this watercolour is a composite of the two. It doesn't look like this yet but will in a couple of months. So this is fast forward to late November.

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