Stormy day at Alnmouth

Stormy day at Alnmouth

Very nice tones, Michael. You can see the sun between the showers, catching the foreground boat. A lovely harmonious painting.

Very dramatic sky....lovely

Lovely painting Michael :)

A good painting Michael, marvellous sky also, nice work.

A wonderful watercolour and a wonderful memory Michael, I love the sky!

You've certainly captured the atmoshphere. I particularly like the sky.

Great strong balance of colours and tone Michael

There&#39;s a painter - Ray Balkwill - of whose work this somewhat reminds me: not just the subject, but the use of that almost startlingly clear, clean patch of intense blue in the sky. Like your boats (they frighten me - I live by the sea but I know very little about boats and am never sure where to put the incidental details, even though I&#39;ve looked at them often enough) and the warm colours.<br /><br />If I had one suggestion for you, I&#39;d suggest not over complicating your pictures - there&#39;s a lot in this one, and I&#39;m fairly sure the painting would be stronger if you&#39;d reduced it to the basic shapes and colours: I think you may have used two blues in the sky, for instance, and that rarely works unless you use them in layers, just for argument&#39;s sake, ultramarine at the zenith, cerulean at the horizon. I&#39;m not entirely convinced by that cloud to the right of the mast, which has a bit too much green in it and also looks a bit as though you realized that, and tried to correct it. <br /><br />Even so - as a whole the picture works: I just feel it could be a little more tight in the sense of all the elements working together rather than contesting each other. <br /><br />(I don&#39;t do &quot;lovely painting&quot; very much because I don&#39;t think you learn a lot from that: but even so - it still is!)

I like this very much. The space, the light and the colours are excellent.

I think you&#39;ve painted the same boat as me Michael, but from a different angle ( the Estuary). I love that intense splash of blue in the sky.

Thank you all for your kind comments and particularly you, Robert, for your analysis. I agree about avoiding over-complication and probably &#39;fiddled&#39; just a bit too much with the foreground. The central blue of the sky is pure phthalo (I don&#39;t use it often) and the remaining darker areas of sky are mainly ultramarine/cadmium red with a smidgeon of burnt sienna. I&#39;m not convinced by that cloud right of the mast either! Accidentally had a bit of green on the brush - didn&#39;t try to correct it - just left it. Apart from the greenish &#39;smudge&#39;, there is no over-painting of the original sky wash which I did in one go, wet-in-wet. I am not a fan of over-painting washes if at all possible because you lose purity and transparency.<br />BTW, I don&#39;t mind &quot;lovely painting&quot; when it is (a rare event!) but much prefer critical comment - so thank you. I am quite thick-skinned and like to receive criticism &amp; suggestions. That&#39;s how we all learn something and hopefully become better painters - which surely we all want.

Marjorie - should have realised that &#39;The Estuary&#39; was Alnmouth! Nice painting. We have both got that distinctive &#39;bump&#39; of land in our paintings. You live in a beautiful area although rather draughty &amp; cold sometimes!

A little looser than your usual work Michael but very good, I can feel the breeze and taste the brine!

Thanks Stephen - yes I felt a little &#39;gung-ho&#39; yesterday - so easy to get too &#39;precise&#39;

Just beautiful everything about this painting!

Beautiful work again, Michael.

Thank you Chandra &amp; Jennifer - one of those that turned out better than I thought it would half way through. I&#39;m slowly learning not to tear them in half but to persevere!

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A watercolour to remind me of a lovely holiday on the Northumberland coast a few years back. The weather was nippy but bright with heavy showers at times.

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