Rain not very far away

Rain not very far away

Great use of negative painting with your foreground tufts of grass described by the darks behind. I also like your dry brush dragged across your rough paper to suggest the tree foliage to the left. I'd say a well done was due here Michael!

a real gem but then I like all your work Michael

A good example of how shadows make all the difference to a painting. Thank you for your kind comments.

My kind of watercolour Michael....beautiful.

Mine ,too, Fiona, thank you ......but they don't always work!

Beautiful light and it does indeed look as if rain is on the way.

Thank you all for your nice comments on this one. I enjoyed painting it and that enjoyment sometimes seems to rub off on the final result. Also, painting an imagined scene means one is not constrained by the accuracy desirable when one is painting from life or from a photo. You can just get on with it, let the imagination take over and see what happens.

Great countryside scene Michael.

I love the way you paint your trees! Lovely sense of light and shade too.

Carole & Geraldine - thank you for your kind words.

Thank you Dennis. Funnily enough, I quite like this one; I was a bit heavy-handed in places but there were some "happy accidents" and I hope I achieved a feeling of light and atmosphere. Don't know about you, but paintings from imagination often seem to work better for me because you are not striving for accuracy - you just 'let it happen'

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An imaginary summer scene - rather heavy atmosphere and sultry sky - rain threatens but at least the hay is safely under cover in the barn. 14x10 in. on Arches Rough

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Hello. I am a retired Chartered Building Surveyor who took up watercolours at the age of 66 fifteen years ago. It is never too late! Whilst I could always draw and understood perspective ( my training helped that) I had never painted other than a few sketches for clients as an articled pupil 60…

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