Snape Maltings River Alde Suffolk

Snape Maltings River Alde Suffolk

Aren't white boats just a gift to artists! I love them as they help so much with the contrast with other darker boats and objects. This is a really lovely painting.

I like the warmth of the red building and its reflection - the white boat cutting into it is a lovely touch.

Thank you Thea & Marjorie. Yes, what would we do without white boats! This attempt was a bit slapdash. Think I may have another go at this or a similar scene although, from past experience, I know that second attempts are not always better!

I think this is really lovely Michael. I like the loose style and your sky is great as it does look like early morning. The reflections and tones are just right. The composition is very good and if this is slapdash (according to you) then I would pursue the slapdash. Seriously a very nice watercolour.

Love it. The white boat in between creates a balance in the picture. Nice reflections in the water.

Gorgeous depth of colour and tone Michael, I like this.

Smashing Michael and don't see what your problem with it is.

I really like the sky-the distance-the boats & the water Michael-you have a lovely watercolour technique.

Nothing to add to the above Michael, it's all been said.....beautiful watercolour.

Fantastic work Michael

Dympna, Kal, Carole, Derek, Gina, Fiona & Petra - thank you all for your kind remarks. Why is it that we can always find fault in our own work?

Yes great stuff Michael and the white boat makes the painting.

Frank - thank you. I'm beginning to think it is a bit better than I first thought!

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Here's a view that has been painted many times. I painted this very quickly this morning trying to capture the essence of the place without much detail. I got a bit too careless with reflections and it doesn't bear close inspection! However, I think it has half "come off". Bits of it I like and I think I will return to the subject again.

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