South Weirs Brockenhurst - after rain

South Weirs Brockenhurst - after rain

Nailed it really well Michael, know the scene well and the weather yesterday.

Very well painted Michael, I especially like the way you have portrayed the telephone box and it's reflection, also the White cottage. I'm not too sure about the very strong shadow of the telegraph pole, it does seem to dominate the foreground.

Ah - the iconic telephone box - aren't they a blessing in landscape paintings as they make such a statement. This is a lovely scene and you have done a wonderful job of capturing it.

Love the atmosphere you have caught in the sky Michael, you can see the rain moving on. Great reflections too!

Thank you all for your positive comments. I think the jury may be out on the long shadow from the hidden telegraph pole but I'm inclined to give it a reprieve - besides it would be difficult to wash it out!

Some really nice work in this Michael. I like the reflection of the house in the water. The telephone box comes over a bit bright for me though, as it is the first thing that hits you, when the beauty of your painting lies in the more neutral tones further back.

Frank - thank you. I'm not often a bright red person but in this case I just had to be. The light was so brilliant and clear after rain that the box appeared almost a brighter red than I could paint it!

Lovely piece Michael

Thank you Jenny. It does look a bit lurid! But sometimes after rain and in a very clear atmosphere colours appear almost impossibly bright.

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Yesterday, I was a few miles from home when the heavens opened and it poured with rain for several minutes. Luckily I was in my car. Immediately afterwards, the sun came out and lit everything in a brilliant light. The red telephone box and white cottage at South Weirs stood out sharply and the low November sun cast a long shadow from the telegraph pole behind me. I have tried to capture the feel of that moment in this watercolour completed this morning. 14x10 in. on Arches Rough.

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