Lauterbrunnen Valley Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen Valley Switzerland

Beautiful - the light perfectly caught.

nice painting Michael very fresh good watercolour well done

I like this one too, Michael - composition, colours and light just great

Posted by Ann Cook on Fri 12 Sep 16:02:30

This is a beautiful watercolour. As Robert says, the light is perfect.

Robert, Dennis, Ann & Gudrun - thanks for your kind remarks. There is always a bit of luck involved with painting. I had a photo ref. but decided not to follow it slavishly. I just outlined the main building in pencil and painted the rest by eye without drawing referring only occasionally to the photo.Just "getting on with it" and not constantly stopping to compare with the photo seemed to produce a more fluid painting - well, this time anyway!

I think you have captured the sky particularly well in that the light seems to be exploding up from the mountains like a rising mist - something you do see in this type of landscape. Beautiful painting.

Nice atmosphere in this Michael.

Yes good atmosphere and some great wet in wets

Thanks Thea Frank & Michael. Apparently, Michael, wet in wet just about sums up Switzerland this summer! My wife & I were lucky to have some good days.

Great watercolour Michael. Looks so fresh and full of light.

Thank you Dympna. I wish this sort of result happened more often!!

Intensely atmospheric. Love this. Yes, the Alps have been terribly wet this summer. I spent all my time, uhhh, watercolouring!

Kim - thank you. Strange weather this year. Now we are basking in glorious autumn sunshine and warmth.

Ditto to all of the above. The alps can be really magical. Have you ever played golf on a mountainous course? Murderous!.

Thanks Judith. No I haven't - have enough trouble as it is trying to keep the ball going straight without the added problem of steep gradients and cross slopes.

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Following a recent railway holiday in Switzerland, I painted this view from Wengen looking south up the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley towards the snow covered peaks in the distance. On the right is the near vertical Lauterbrunnen waterfall. I last saw this in 1960 while youth hostelling! I remember crawling into a sleeping bag at night and hearing the sound only of the waterfall and tinkling cowbells in the distance - magic! This watercolour is 14 x 10 in. on Arches Rough.

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