Tuscany - Val d'Orcia - Michael Trask

Tuscany - Val d'Orcia  -  Michael Trask

Beautiful painting I love the sky.

Fabulous sky Michael, makes me want to visit too,

Who will mind that mountain range. The sky caught my eye.

Gaenor, Fiona & Gudrun - thank you! Probably like most others, I am rarely satisfied with my watercolours but this one pleased me more than most. For once, it will not be torn in half and used for colour testing!

You have captured the scene.

Helen & Joseph - Thank you. I was pleased with the clouds which don't always turn out so well. BTW Joseph - I have enjoyed looking at your Tenerife paintings - lots of light and colour. Know the Island well and the Masca painting brought back memories of a hike down the gorge to the sea and back up again......20 years on I think I'd just sit and paint the view!

Nice recession and although it's already been said, a lovely dramatic sky. This really drew me in when browsing. Would the yellow foreground flowers benefit from your negative painting technique to bring them forward? Could you risk some complimentary purple behind them? You appear to have laid some impasto yellow to describe the foreground flowers, where maybe some lifting out may have worked. Good work however.

Philip - have only just seen your comments - thank you. I agree about the foreground yellow flowers.

Beautiful watercolor! I like the feeling of an after storm or rain with that purified clean air...very nice.

I to have just taken up watercolour painting at the age of 52 did a lot of art when I was younger but work and family life you sort of just stop l love the sky in this picture

Hi Michael love this one! Thanks for your comment on my seascape - horizon did look wonky so have adjusted and reposted - so better l think - it is more the fact that l took the photo of the painting at an angle so looks like it is going up in reality it’s not so bad! Thank you for noticing !🙃 l must take better photos of my work! Managed to delete comments trying to edit the picture.. need more practice at all this!

Hello Lisa. Did this one some years ago but I like it too! Pleased you levelled up the horizon on your recent post - lovely painting and picky me would go and notice the slightly wonky line!

Hang on Studio Wall

A well known view often seen in travel brochures. Whenever I see it, makes me want to visit - maybe one day I will! Purists may query the height of the mountain ridge on the right - I had to add several hundred feet to hide an accidental water mark on the blue sky!

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