In winter's grip

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I don’t know why you think it hasn’t worked Michel. It describes our cold, dismal, winter, days perfectly. Love the light in the sky and the quiet hopefulness of warmer days.

Thanks for the generous comment Carole. I think the painting matches my mood!

I think it works well, simple yet full of atmosphere .

Oh but it has worked Michael. The strong contrast were the first thing that caught my eye on the gallery page. The water looks as though it’s moving the way you have painted the reflections and the distant snow capped hills give it depth. It’s stark, bleak and an unforgiving landscape Michael .....could be on my doorstep.

Thank you Kwok ... I’m beginning to feel a bit better about this one 😊

Well Fiona, if this is on your doorstep, do not step down! You will get very wet in my cold stream. Thanks for your kind comments. Cheered me up no end.

I really like this Michael!

The Galloway mode of footwear is wellies Michael!

It certainly works for me Michael, especially the burst of light in the sky contrasting with the dark mountains.

Thank you Diane. Absolutely Fiona - bog standard Wigtown wear I should imagine. Thank you Sandra. I think the burst of light saved this painting!

Merry Christmas a beauty Michael

Hang on Studio Wall

First painting for some time and it hasn't really worked. Never mind....warts and all! I will make the next one better and more cheerful,

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