This is absolutely stunning, Mia, and so very, very beautiful! I love everything about it - the composition, the superb drawing, the delicate tints. And it would stand out for its superlative quality, even if you are on page 40!

Mia, I love this magnolia, great detail and just enough colour.

Beautiful magnolia Mia

One of the first welcomed fowers of spring..........beautiful ink work and delicate washes, as delicate as the flower itself.

I agree with you it needs no more well done!:)Linda

I think you're quite right about the background - it doesn't need one. Beautifully drawn and painted. And you've not yet been crammed off to the very back page - miraculous!

Thank you all so very much for your positive comments. It always is a risk to know what time of the day or which day of the week to post a painting. I posted this in the morning and yes, Robert: someone posted 9 paintings in one go and off I am now to page 4 or 5!!! Bahhhh.....

After my comment, the member who did the M.P. was so kind to delete a lot of her postings, so I thanked her for that.

trying to catch up and I am sure to have missed a few out with all the postings but really glad I found this one - super Mia...........

So simple and effective. It works well .

Beautiful Mia, love this tree. Well placed and sensitively drawn, I can almost see those buds opening...

This is so beautifully drawn and painted Mia, almost missed this one, and agree so many artists posting a number of their paintings at the one time you can easily miss one, anyway really like the delicate piece of work, nice one for the portfolio.

I know what you mean Mia about the multiple postings so annoying. I am pleased that I trawled through otherwise I would have missed this gem. A beautiful and delicate piece of work and you are completely right it needs no background.

Thank you very much, Michael, Avril, Lesley, Graham and Denise. I always highly appreciate every comment coming from such talented artists as you all are. :) Mia.

I have a lovely photo of a magnolia in my garden and I was going to try and paint it. I don't think I will bother now because I definitely couldn't top your beautifully delicate painting. The branches are superbly done as well.

Thanks Thea for your very lovely comment. Why don't you give it a go? I would like to see your version of this. This site is so useful to see other artists works and learn from them!

I love magnolias, and yours is absolutely gorgeous! I am waiting for the weather to get warmer now so that the trees will start blossoming.. By next month at least I should be able to go outside and enjoy row after row of magnolia trees... ;-)

Hang on Studio Wall

I love to work with a waterproof marker and then add a little touch of watercolour. No background needed, in my opinion, so the pure shape of the flowers is accentuated. I hope I am not flushed away onto page 12 or 15 in a few moments, so thank you for maybe having a look and post a comment (positive or negative...). :) Mia.

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