Lovely bright colours and I really like the sunlight on the leaves and petals. The whole painting exudes sunshine!

It certainly lit my day up Maureen, it’s blowing a hooley here!

Beautiful Maureen. Such rich contrasting colours.

Beautifully painted and a real sunshine treat on these dull days we are having just now. It's gorgeous Maureen.

Posted by Nerys B on Mon 23 Nov 14:55:29

Full of sunshine and warmth!

Wow, that's stunning Maureen!

It positively glows. Fine work, Maureen.

Superb, no doubt about where the focus of this painting is.

Thanks so much everyone, I'm so glad you all like this sunny flower. Fiona, I've not heard of that expression of yours before, it made me smile, I hope you don't get blown down the hooley.

So expertly done!! I love sunflowers!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments Dawn and Skylar.

That's a fine work Maureen

Thanks so much Dennis, much appreciated.

Wow that's beautiful x

Hang on Studio Wall

A Sunny sunflower to brighten these gloomy days. I did this digital painting using PainterX a little while ago, thought it may add some sunshine to the dark days of winter.

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