Crossing the ice.


Will this be your Christmas card for this year Maureen, it would make a lovely one. Love the look of concentration and interest on all their faces.

I like this painting Maureen, it's really well painted. I can feel the cold from here.

Posted by Nerys B on Thu 03 Dec 23:17:27

Nice one Maureen

Nice work, Maureen. As has been said, and real feeling of icy weather.

They are tough are polar bears Maureen wish I had a coat like them

Very beautiful Maureen. Real wintry feel here.

Thank you everyone, not sure yet Fiona about Christmas card, good suggestion though. I'm sorry it made you feel cold Nerys and Lewis, as Dennis says we need a coat like the bear.

Hang on Studio Wall
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A quick little painting in acrylics , postcard size on paper.

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