Waiting for lunch.


I don't know that these birds have ever been really common, but I always used to see them on the River Yar, on the Isle of Wight - there was always a pair of them there years ago, and as we drove by they'd not move a muscle, concentrating entirely on the fish and eels in the water (or those they hoped to find there). You've caught their look - they seem to be miles away, in a reverie: then suddenly, lunge - breakfast secured. Not easy painting birds, in any medium - you've done so very successfully.

Stunning in every way

Beautifully done Maureen, the feathers are excellent.

Stunning, superb skill here!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments, I appreciate them very much.

Thank you Robert. I live near the Gwent Levels and see the heron on most days when the weather permits me to take a walk, it is true if you drive by them they don't move, but if you were to come near to them on foot they easily get spooked and take flight. Really beautiful birds though.

Hang on Studio Wall

Grey heron 20" x40" oils.

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