Re posted, through the bathroom mirror.


I think the last portrait was great and this one is also lovely. Can’t see much difference but I’m sure that you will be aware of acute nuances more than others do. Super use of charcoal Marjorie.

The likeness is stunning. I think you have done a brilliant job.

Thank you both. Feel better about this one. PP, is it Denise?

Yes it’s Denise.

Great likeness and it's quite a size too!

Thanks again, Paul and Heather. It's only A3 Heather.

Another great self-portrait, Marjorie.

How long have you been in the bathroom now Marjorie? I hope there’s not a queue outside! Seriously this is excellent, and you’ve emphasised that by showing your face in the mirror. Very good.

Just super a wonderful portrait in subtle charcoal, really inspirational

Looks a good likeness to me. Well done.

Cesare, Tessa, Thalia and Lewis, many thanks! Yes, Tessa, the queue stretched all the way down three floors! But needs must.

Great likeness Marjorie.


Beautiful charcoal work Marjorie.

Beautiful portrait

Marjorie it’s excellent. You make it look easy, I find portraiture so difficult. Booked my ticket for Ewan’s exhibition, I’ll grab what I can in brochures/flyers etc and send you some.

Oh that would be brilliant Fiona! Thank you!

And again you like all the girls here terrify me with your talent hey I can't pretend to you 😎

Hang on Studio Wall

Alterations, better likeness, still difficult to get that perfect likeness with a selfie.

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