Go on! Treat yourself!


Lovely forms for these chocolates and they look tantalizing too! Superb painting and the forms turned out really well, lovely images Marjorie and well done!

I admire your discipline, Marjorie, I would have eaten them all. Lovely painting.

Beautifully painted chocolates Marjorie, I'll have the one top right please!

That's a coffee one Sandra, sorry, gone now.🤭

Mia and Angela - thanks, self-control has gone, what can you do?

Were they Thorntons, Marjorie? We've just finished the last of our hoard of choc's and amazingly I haven't put on a single pound. (been walking six miles a day to compensate) Enticingly lovely chocolates. Tricky to paint, I would have thought.

Hello Brian, yes, Thornton's, but my favourites don't seem to be there anymore, like the apricot one. They didn't take long to paint, didn't take long to eat.

Beautifully done Marjorie.

Beautifully painted Marjorie.

Really interesting still life, a painting of chocolate, what’s not to like!

"Yum" -an international sound, Heather😁. Denise, Suzanne and Paul, thanks.

Nicely painted l did notice that non had a bite out of them. I like the chocolates as they are painted as I’m not a big chocolate fan, you have done a really good job of a difficult subject.

Paul, they are too small to take a bite out of them! Come on! 😆

Very yummy, lovely painting

Thanks Hilary in a bit of fun.

Superbly painted Marjorie, quite authentic!

Can only repeat ! Very tempting. Not that easy to paint methinks.

That’s incredible self restrain Marjorie. As you couldn’t eat them before you painted them, I bet this is the quickest painting you’ve ever done.....and very neat too....considering the pressure. Lol Great bit of fun, I still remember your Jelly Baby painting....Mmmmm!

Thanks everyone, sorry I can't offer them around...you'll just have to imagine. Yes, Fiona,very neat, considering my hands were shaking....my goodness, that Sicilian lemon was good.

It’s the best time to enjoy chocolates, after the glut of Christmas, when there are too many. Great little chocolate painting Marjorie.

Oh ok then..... always up for choccy treat, really good enough to eat Marjorie.

Carole, this Xmas I didn't have much chocolate at all...I was quite "good". Now and then I binge, favourite at the moment is Lindt salted caramel. Carole, do have a " virtual" one, not many left though.

Yum, had a Ferraro Roche to make sure I could taste it 👍😂

This is awesome

Just a pleasant memory now, Romila😌

Hang on Studio Wall

A lesson in self- control, I had to paint them before I ate them........OK, I might have had a few beforehand. Oil on small natural canvas.

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