Walking the dogs

Walking the dogs

Great sky - your obviously a multi tasker !!

Ha ha thanks Helen. Left hand for the guinea pigs, right hand for the tea, brush held in mouth for the painting.

This is lovely, you should obviously take more time between cleaning out the guinea pig cage and making tea.

How do you do it between jobs Marjorie? Wonderful!

Thanks Sandra and Carole - the world's my lobster now, Scruffy and Rosie have gone back home.

Nice one Marjorie, is that Lindisfarne in the distance?

It's lovely and fresh, I can feel the sea air Marjorie, I do like the colours in the sand. I've been working on some 30-minute stuff en-plein-air near Abersoch recently, a similar composition will be in September's e-newsletter in the form of a WIP so I do hope that you will read it, not that you need any help of course.

Good work Marjorie.

Love this emotive seascape. Always feel nostalgic when I see Coquet Island. Love your palette Marjorie.

I love that sky and the waves, Marjorie. Fabulous painting.

Thanks Peter, as Carole says , it's Coquet Island, a little further south. Thanks Alan, of course I'll read it, love your paintings and no nonsense approach. Thanks George, Carole and Ellen.

A fresh and atmospheric piece, so very nicely done, Marjorie.

Nice one Marjorie, like the way the clouds point towards the island.

Great painting Marjorie, if this is a quickie.........would have taken me ages!

Oh, the fresh breeze! Gorgeous painting Marjorie!

Thankyou Seok, Stephen, Margaret and Satu. Apart from today, the weather seems to be holding up. I'm not ready yet for Autumn!

Always enjoy beach scenes and I love this one Marjorie

Beautiful painting Marjorie, indeed worthy of the top line.

Talk about multitasking Marjorie! If this is the result I must try cleaning the hens out whilst painting, I would probably end up with a mix of paint, feathers and wood shavings....yuk! Would it count as mixed media do you think? Super painting!

Talk about multitasking 😂 What a splendid painting a joy to the eye .... Thanks for the comments on my latest , regards my Autumnal colours I did indeed excercise some artistic license as we are not there yet over here

Thanks for the comments Russell, Cesare, Fiona and Dermot.

Love that sky Marjorie. Looks like a lovely breezy summers day.

A lovely scene Marjorie

Lovely painting...just the kind of painterly effect I love!

Marjorie, I feel the sea breeze... Lovely image. I do love the sky, always my starting point in a 'scape! I always have trouble with scale in my figures. You don't! Nice one. John

John, thank you again. I go to this beach almost everyday, walk down with my husband. The painting here has more people in it than we usually see! I hope to see some of your new work soon.

Hang on Studio Wall

Water based oils on canvas sheet. Quickie painted between cleaning out the guinea pig cage and making tea.

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