the girls

the girls

Different........ for you Louise!............good composition and complimentary colours

Thanks Carole. The problem or perhaps it's a good thing is that when I post a painting here I can always see where I've gone wrong.! One girl looks as though she's flying and the darker girl is too small. Oh well, it's a bit of fun and will end up pushed to the back of my "not good enough drawer" :)

I love it. Great composition and colours

Thanks Petra, now I've noticed that the too small dark girl looks as though she's doing that dance that Morcambe and Wise used to do at the end of their show ! Some here might be too young to remember this but most will know what I mean :)

Really enjoy looking at this one.It is clever the stylised way you have drawn the faces.

Don't put this painting down - it is fun, tells a story (still trying to decide what these girls are up to!) and is painted with energy and feeling. That gets a lot of things very right in my book. I love the lacy dresses, so well painted, and all the different poses. Once again your strong sense of design comes through in this painting.

Just love the colours. --- Your paintings are magic gel

many thanks Thea, David and Charles !

One of your best, Louise! Great composition, colors and well placed negative spaces.

Oh Yes , bring on the girls , and 'bring me sunshine' was the song M & W used to do their dance to I believe, anyway a happy little painting Louise.: )

Girls night out!! i love it!!! x

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolour 40 cm x 40 cm This is a fairly new painting, unlike some of the ancient stuff I've been posting recently !

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