It's raining again!


They certainly look wet in your painting. Like it.

Perfectly caught. Same here Louise but the dog will still arrive beside me about 3-30. He's relentless.......

Thanks Lewis and Jim. Not good weather here today. The problem here is that the council aren't good at cleaning the drains which get full of leaves. We've resorted to clearing out the one outside our house with a garden rake. We manage to clear it a bit and the wet soggy leaves go on the compost. Today, another lake has formed!

Fresh, great subject, full of movement and colour Louise. They always brighten me up.

Thanks Gudrun. It's just a quick sketch but there seems to be so much water on the roads and it doesn't drain away for ages. Good sound effects Heather. Makes for a good title :)

Thanks Margaret. Not the weather though? lol

Excellent movement and sploshing Louise! It occurred to me today that we won’t need to worry about drought next year, ever positive!

Hope so Tessa but it seems that if it doesn't rain for a few weeks in summer then there's usually talk of a hosepipe ban :)

Certainly tells a story! Lovely fluid watercolour Louise

Love all the movement and atmosphere of this Louise. I especially like the poor girl in blue being soaked by a passing car. It’s horrible when this happens.

Natural elegance And great design lovely piece Louise wish I could still work so spontaneously

Thanks Maureen, Carole and Dennis. We have huge pools of water on our roads at the moment and the blocked drains don't help. They used to clear them regularly with a big machine but not any more. We just have to wear wellies and carry on :)

I think I got my feet wet looking at this one Louise. Wonderful expression of the recent weather

The sun's trying to break through here Willie..that patch of sailor's blue! Hopefully tomorrow will be better :)

Great, Louise, such economy of mark making, I can feel the rush and swishof the whole scene!

Fab Louise! Hope you’ve had a spot of sunshine today, we had that rarely seen orange light in the sky for two whole days!!

I can feel the wind splashes from cars and the rain Louise! Wonderful composition !

Many thanks Thalia, Fiona and Carole. The pools of water on the road have gone and the sun's out. Lovely day here now :)

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick sketch of the weather here today. The forecast isn't good either.

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