The Town Cryer.

Brexit Town Cryer-small

I like it Lewis. What did Brenda from Bristol say about elections - 'Oh no. Not another one!'

Very good, expresses how most people must feel.

Good one Lewis! Made me smile.

Thanks for a morning smile Lewis.

Thanks Stuart, Dixie,Tessa and Carole...I have the feeling this is never going to go away.

Oh yes, Lewis I hear ye. 👏

.......and again......and again..... love this, looks how everyone feels I'm sure!

Super sketch Lewis, echoing what most people think !!!!

It’s enough to send you round the twist......or emigrate! Very topical Lewis and probably will be for much longer yet.

Give us a break, lol. Great line work lewis.

He looks how most of us feel Lewis. I no longer watch the news!

Hang on Studio Wall

Apologies for this. Whichever way you voted, you must be sick of the three years twaddle we've endured about Brexit...just like this Town Cryer. A4 Bristol Board. Pen. (Text added in photoshop.)

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