Trying Gouache. A4 sketchbook.

Gouache test 2

I don't think you need practice Lewis, excellent painting as usual.

Wonderful characters Lewis, excellent paintings.

Practice? You must be kidding, Lewis, these are excellent.

Excellent as always

Both are excellent Lew, no practice needed .

I totally agree with others comments, no practice required. These are wonderful

Thanks to all for your generous comments. It is slightly alien to me, and a few bits didn't come out as I'd expected. I suppose it's a bit like painting with acrylics, except that the paint remains active even after it's dry. Similar to watercolour but not the same. (Don't know why I mentioned acrylics, I don't use them very much.)

Superb Lew. No practise needed anywhere. Class as ever.

Is there any medium you can't use Lew? You seem to excel in them all.

Superb characterisations Lewis. There is absolutely no room for improvement.

These are so good, Lewis...what hope is there for me if you need more practice!!!

Brilliantly drawn as usual Lewis

couple of wee beauts and well up to standard. Stay well.

Great work Lewis - I’m new to the more illustrative approach and I think gouache suits it well because they have more immediate colour impact than layering watercolour. I find acrylics very unuser friendly because of the quick drying.

Thanks again for your comments. Yes Marilyn, gouache is popular with illustrators, as that's my interest I can't think why I've taken so long to get some. I have the same problem with acrylics. Gouache is feeling good, though I need to do more of it.

Not sure about the practice Lewis, this is well up to your standard !!!!

Super Lewis, keep practicing! 😀

Hang on Studio Wall

Finally got round to getting some gouache. I've only used white occasionally. Bought some cheap gouache a few years get what you pay for. Trying W & N Designer Gouache now. It'll take some getting used to...I tried different ways in the two sketches. Impressed with the vivid colour. Need a lot more practice.

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