Lighthouse. (A3 sketchbook-pen & wash)


Looking good!

Great atmospheric drawing Lewis, I can almost feel the wind blowing

A great sketch Lew, looks like quite a storm. It’s difficult when you loose the drive to draw or paint, I having to push myself at the moment.

Thank you very much Heather, Stephen, Hilary and Dixie. Your comments are appreciated.

You can really feel the power of the wind in your drawing Lewis!

Can only be a "Lewis", my very first thought. Whatever you decide to do, it will be a winner Lew.You'e the very best at illustrating. This is no exception.

Great feeling and expression here Lewis. Don’t get too down hearted Lewis. Lack of inspiration occurs to all of us. Sometimes a break away from it all, really helps. Have missed your wonderful work and hope your mojo returns when you are ready. Best wishes Lewis and thank you for entertaining us over the years.

I agree with Christine, you can feel the power of the wind and the solidity of the lighthouse Lewis. I’m also lacking inspiration and motivation at the mo, but it’ll come back- eventually!

Thanks again to all for your great feedback. Yes Carole and Tessa, it's odd how you can lose the spur to make pictures. No doubt it'll come back.

Lewis , I do not believe that one can force the "Muse" nor yet that one should. By all means nurture the conditions that feed the desire to restart but forcing the situation can only make matters worse. Had certainly noticed your absence and "wish you a speedy recovery" - am missing the daily chuckle. Stay well

It's a great illustration Lewis and hopefully it will help to rekindle your inspiration and enthusiasm - we all miss your postings!

Great character on a wild and windy day ! Don't stop Lewis,

Exhilaration and a tad frightening to be at the mercy of the elements that these heroic men did day in, day out. Great painting lewis.

Hi Lewis. I have found that I always need an idea first then the work all comes flying out. I do not try to look or think up an idea to do. Artist block is just a myth, I have never had it since Ive understood the process. I always say let the art show you. Only my view. However as I know the method works I have the right to voice it. Take Care.

Hang on Studio Wall

Had an idea for a story to be done in a more realistic style. Thought I'd draw one panel to see how it might look. But I can't summon up much interest in making pictures this may be it.

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