Wormtongue - Character from Lord of the Rings - A3 sketchbook.

Wormtongue-LOTR character-small

Your almost is far better than my best, great work. I think you are a perfectionist Lew and find fault in your on work too easily.

Agree with the others!

A couple of brilliantly drawn characters Lew, stunning eye for detail!

Top class as ever Lew. Your intensive knowledge of your characters is almost as thorough as your illustrating skills.

Thanks to all for your comments. Very much appreciated.

Fabulous illustrations Lewis

Excellent Lewis!

Rohan works but Wormtongue looks weaker I feel Lewis.

Thanks again for your comments. John, it's interesting that you say that...I don't like the King at all, and I agree about Wormtongue, I've missed a chance there. I think he should look a lot more weasely, more creepy, and the pose should be hunched over as though he's whispering poison in the Kings ear. I guess I just sat down and drew something in my sketchbook without thinking about it enough. Can't win 'em all.

Wonderful Lewis. Love the fellow on the right with his blue tinged complexion.

I agree with Paul one can be too self critical. I think it is great as usual. :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Wormtongue (a great name) gets the King of Rohan under his spell. The king becomes almost a husk. I wanted to show the king as ghostlike, but it didn't work out as I'd hoped. This looks better in grayscale, but that's not how I drew it. Two inktense pencils...bark and iris blue, white gel pen and a little 2b graphite. So...not quite there, but almost.

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