Pen & Ink drawings. A4 tan sketchbook.

Pen and ink drawings

Excellent illustration work Lew.

Each panel is excellent Lew, collectively brilliant. You really are a master of the pen.

Lewis , when you say pen - is this the old fashioned dip pen , fountain pen , or the new versions ? Whatever , as I have said before , I do like pen and ink work and these are commanding.

Thanks Alan, Dixie and Mike. Mike, these days I use waterproof pens like UniPin, Edding and Pentel. They are so easy and dry almost instantly. Not as good as dip pens, but no smudges or blots from a clumsy impatient person like me.

Interesting combination of characters. Great drawing as usual. Regarding dip pen opposed the Pentel pens etc, I do prefer the old pens as they seem to have more grip. Sounds a bit nerdy but that's my age telling.

Wow, the serious side of Lew!

Top work as ever Lew. Class.

You are being far too hard on yourself, Lew! These are, as usual, fabulous! I particularly like the first seafarer - Viking or Saxon I'm guessing?

Brilliantly drawn. Such detail!

These are fantastic Lewis! I bought myself some ‘Windsor and Newton Ink’ but I don’t really know how to apply it and each time I have tried I have not been successful. Any advice would be amazing!

Thank you all for your kind feedback. Tracey, if you're using Windsor and Newton Ink I assume you're drawing with a dip pen or brush. I used both at one time, but now use waterproof drawing pens such as Staedtler. They dry instantly. I use a brush to apply ink to large areas. As I don't always want a solid black, I thin the ink with water, so that I get an uneven black. Mostly I prefer that (just a personal thing). The black panels in the 'old man and the sea' picture were painted with undiluted this case I don't like it. The trouble with ink is it's very unforgiving, mistakes aren't easily rectified. A dip pen is best to draw with, but these days I go for ease of use. Like everything else, all you can do is keep trying. Good luck.

We are happy with it Lewis. We chase our artistic vision, looking for that perfection.

Great Lewis, I particularly like your illustration of Clytemnestra.

Superb drawing Lew and a good selection of characters with great detail.

Brilliant Lewis, I just love the detail in your work and admire your drawing skills immensely.

Some great personalities here!

Hang on Studio Wall

I've been doing pen & ink drawings. A mixed bag, not too happy with all of it, but some bits are OK. Going for a graphical illustration style. The 'old man and the sea' one is a mess, seemed OK whilst doing it. Didn't like the result...sign of the times, maybe. If you don't know...Clytemnestra was (in mythology) the wife of King Agamemnon, who commanded the Greeks at the Siege of Troy. While he was away, she took a lover, and they murdered him when he returned. Classical soap opera.

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