Nantucket Sleigh Ride. (A4 sketchbook-watercolor-pen-gouache)

Nantucket Sleigh Ride-small

That's how to paint a sea. Excellent illustration.

superb, love it

Fantastic Lewis. Bet they’re all feeling seasick.

Brilliant painting, I like he sea particularly.

power cut restored just in time to view this before retiring. Certainly a change of subject matter but still an obvious LC painting to catch the attention. Definitely an eye catcher and great with it.

Thank you Stephen, Romila, Carole, Dixie, and Mike. Your comments are much appreciated.

Two hours! That’s fantastic work Lew. They all look how I would feel on those waves!

Fantastic painting - love the rough sea.

Thank you Tessa and Caroline.

Wow! so much to see here Lewis. The sea is great and I love the facial expressions

As said, great sea - am envious ! Super "scared" expressions.

An excellent two hours worth lewis, a grand job!

Awesome, Lewis...two hours...wouldn't know where to even begin!

Love it, especially the expressions.

You can not beat gouache Lewis. That water is the star for me.

I love the humour and the way you caricature people. Appeals to my sense of humour and the sea is superb.

Hang on Studio Wall

Done at my art club a couple of months ago (I haven't been able to go since then). The subject was 'the sea'. If you don't know the expression, it comes from the old whaling days when a harpooned whale would race off dragging the whaling boat with it. I should have taken some ref material, the sea would have been I'm calling it 'stylised.' We get a max of 2 hours, so not bad.

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