Arturo- (sketchbook).

Knife thrower sketch-small

A great sketch Lew, hope you get your enthusiasm back soon it’s very frustrating when your not able to get going .Don’t give up mate it.

It happens to us all. Periods when we dry up and don’t know what to do next. I find changing mediums and subject matter sometimes helps. With such a vivid imagination as yours,I’m sure you’ll soon be back on track. It must be very difficult to keep up the momentum when you produce so much amusing, inventive material that entertains us all so brilliantly. Maybe you should just try to please yourself and not be so arduous in your work. This piece is your usual brilliant standard Lewis.

Thanks very much Paul and Carole for your kind remarks.

Always good, never doubt yourself. So much to amuse here … El Dorado, the glasses, holding a knife by its blade, the showman, brilliant imagination as ever.

can truly sympathise Lewis , have had a block for a fair while - and it hurts. At least you are still producing work so keep them coming - we are enjoying them.

But you are so full of great ideas and this is one of them - love the voluptuous lady and her expression.

It might be farewell for her!! Brilliant. Re block. I have had a lull, but kept going with my inks for sanity.

This is so good, Lewis! It made me chuckle out loud.

Arrrr......I can’t look! You have a lot on your mind Lewis, it will come back.....promise.

Thanks to all for having a look, and your encouraging comments. I often get stuck...I've started half a dozen pics and given up on them. It's not lack of time to draw something, it's lack of inclination. But it does me good, and drawing these nonsense pictures helps lift my mood, so whatever I start next I'll at least finish.

Wonderful work Lewis. So entertaining and interesting.

Entertaining and well drawn as usual.

A great sketch again Lewis, and for sure the muse will return!

Great sketch Lewis. You have my best wishes for a return to enthusiasm again.

Always a winner from you Lewis!

Take it from one who has gone through the same recently, Lewis, just when you least expect it, the urge to paint/ draw and complete comes back. Sketching each day has helped me but I know you do that anyway. Also, whether you want it or not, your mind is on other certainly haven't lost your touch!

Thanks again to all those who've commented. You're right, Marjorie. Making pictures is as much about the mind as it is the hands, and I have other things on my mind at the moment. I'll just keep drawing rather than thinking of's not as if I don't have the time.

Striving to go higher thats all, and you will Lewis.

Hang on Studio Wall

Going through a patch where I can't seem to get anything done. Lots of false starts, and abandoning pictures. I was going to put a crowd in the background, but gave up on the idea.

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