Politicians at my door. (Repost) Pen & wash. A4 sketchbook.


Ah the political Maffia, all that’s missing is the machine guns. They look like the heavy mob, brilliant sketch and so topical Lew, political satire at its best.

Spot on....but you can tell it is from the last election. The way this one has been run, the gentleman on the left would have a badge saying 'You can't trust them'.

Great stuff Lewis but don’t they look so scary?

I love the irony of the badge, Lew, and the expressions. You've summed up exactly how I feel just now. Boris Johnson seems so glib that it scares me; it's like he's smiling as he leads you up the steps to meet to Madame Guillotine. Marvellous drawings Bri

Thanks to all for having another look at this and your comments. I'm not politically minded, but I recognize the importance. There seems to be a great sense of unease about this election...with good reason.

Proves nothing changes. I'm afraid your excellent drawing is too true to life.

I've become more apolitical with each passing day unfortunately. This should be put on the side of their battle buses Lewis!

Great characters, Lewis! (Glad it’s just about over, won’t miss being accosted by all the local canvassers every time I go shopping - just hope it’s the right result!)

Thank you Stephen, Russell and Jenny. Yes Jenny, it'll soon be over and that's good. I just hope what follows is good, or at least a little better.

Oh lordy, let's hope this is not repeated in 2020 but I can see it coming ...

Oh Heather now you’ve done it, what an awful thought! These three are very scary and very well drawn Lew. You could have posted this on your door to scare the, off!

That should read scare them off!

I am so glad I emigrated - they scare me. Mind you , they are a common breed whichever country one lives in - haven't changed since the days of the "rotten boroughs"

Slam the door shut before they hypnotise you! Excellent character sketches.

Hang on Studio Wall

Thought I'd post this again, it's from the last election...when, for only the second time in my life, politicians knocked at my door. They didn't look like this. The big day has arrived. Good luck to us all, whatever happens.

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