Roaring Forties.

Roaring Forties-small

Really good Lewis, the intensity of colour is amazing

Really like this one Lewis, it’s got everything. Know exactly what you mean about ‘testing’ the quality of your paper, I do that too! Then I get disappointed when the paper ‘cockles’!!

Brilliant painting Lew, and done on thin paper too. I can never get a decent finish in my sketch pad, unless I use very thin quite dry paint, probably the cheaper paper.

I like the detail of the "boatie bits" and the reflected light on the hands.

Thanks very much to everybody for your great encouraging comments. Yes, Micheal, I'm often wishing I'd used better paper...I do sometimes. But I only do this for my own enjoyment, if I was trying to sell stuff it would be a different matter. I love sketchbooks, and if a few pages are 'cockled', what does it matter?

Lovely, Lewis, full of character. Like the colours, especially the turquoise in the sea.

Well , the cockling you mention doesn't appear to be showing - well I can't see any sign of it - and whatever you did has worked well - very strong presentation.

Great work Lewis, I especially like the hand and the luminous effect you've captured.

Thank you Jenny, Mike and Russell. Russell, the two bits I like best in this pic are his hand and the wheel handle near his chin. I use glazing a lot, it's worked well on these two bits, not so well elsewhere. (I'm brushing aside the thought that I didn't get the two wheel handles the same size...drat, and double-drat.)

Just typical Lewis quality illustrating, colours, detail and imagination. Smashing.

Another cracker Lewis.

Thank you Jim and Fiona.

Really well done!

I can hear that roar Lewis. He has a firm grip on that wheel.

Hang on Studio Wall

Done in my A3 sketchbook. This was originally intended to be a monotone in blues, using water soluble coloured pencils. Having done the drawing, I decided to paint it in full colour. Watercolour, inktense water soluble pencils, and a little gouache. Pushing my luck in my sketchbook, it's only about 100gsm and not really up to this, should have used better paper. But I'm rarely out of my sketchbooks these days.

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