Sea of sand

Sea of sand

Love it, will be thinking about this all xmas now,,,,,How many letters Lewis.......

Perhaps the gallery isn't the place for a quiz. If you can be patient until one other person has a go, I'll tell you. A bit unfair this...I'd be amazed if anyone came up with the right answer.

This is a tricky one Lewis, great fun though! Could it be 'grounded'? Don't tell the answer yet, give people a chance to try!

Wonderful expression on his face Lewis. Lol

Before my picture fades away into the dark recesses, I thought I'd better come clean. Some sadist in our art group put the word 'patience' into our lucky dip...and I drew it! I'd read that many of our deserts used to be under the sea, and had the clever-clogs idea of a sailor in the desert waiting for the tide to come in. I thought this would be the ultimate expression of patience. (Groans all round) I still can't think of a way to show 'patience' without an explanation. Many thanks for looking at my picture.

I wouldn't have got it, I have a rather literal mind, but I see it now you've told us! Very well done, but then that's what we expect by now....

Excellent. I think I've told you before what a great imagination you have! This is clever and I apologise for not guessing earlier. Not that I would have got it. I'd need to know what letter it began with and then a few more letters would Actually, having looked again, the sailor chap looks as though he's had one too many. Or it's suddenly dawned on him that he's stuck .. I'd have said 'despair'. Makes me think for sure!

love it. Stranded at Lizard Point would have been my guess :-)

Hang on Studio Wall

This came out of an art group afternoon. Occasionally they do a 'pot luck' session. Words are put into a hat, we draw one, and paint something to represent it. At the end we all guess what the word was. (Single words like...fear...sunset) Nobody got mine...I'm not surprised, I didn't know what to do with it. So, as a Christmassy quiz, if anyone chooses to comment on this, perhaps they could have a guess. It will be of interest to me, at least.

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