Christmas in the Mall.

Christmas in the Mall.

Got the picture Lew. Your skills in expressions are incredibleGreat topical stuff. (-:

Aww bless her, not much reaction from the fellers! :))

This is a corker Lewis! The look on their faces is priceless and just made me laugh!!

Brilliant Lewis love it.

love her expression but have a feeling that it is a no sale.

Just smashing Lewis.

Splendid. I don't think I'll go shopping today though!

love it Lewis brilliant expressions 😂 merry Xmas.

Thanks to all for having a look and commenting...and for your Christmas greetings. I heartily return them. POL really seems to be in the Christmas spirit.

What fabulous characters Lewis, the old lady doesn't seem to mind how 'orrible the security guards are. Made me smile!

Busy is the name of the game at the mo', Lew. My paints are still packed away for the festive season. However, resistance is not futile. *smile* Add a touch of colour to the mistletoe and bingo! Great painting, and who could resist lips like that?! Bri

Good job...though I would try and avoid the mall personally...

Thanks for the laugh. I hope my mistletoe works better!!!

You observe human beings so well , Lew. What a trio.

Trying her luck! Great. Enjoy the season.

Brilliant! this made me laugh out loud :)

Always good for a laugh Lewis !

Hang on Studio Wall

Busy day yesterday, not much time for anything. But I managed this simple little pen and wash pic. I didn't stage it too well, I should have made the mistletoe more obvious, but you'll get the picture. A4 sketchbook.

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