A lonely survivor from last years' resolutions - 'POP ART'.

A lonely survivor from last years' resolutions - 'POP ART'.

This is great. I think you have the ability to work in any disipline you wish Lew, this being a great example. Sometimes the things we like personally don't meet with much approval, and things we don't particularly rate go down a bomb. Art's as different as the strange folk who make it. (-:

the answer is simple Lewis - you resolve never to make any more resolutions - I cottoned onto this some years ago and have lived easy since then.

I'm not a fan of 'pop'art but I do admire this piece Lewis. There is so much to look at!

A lot to look at here Lew.

One of those that you can look at for ages and still find more. It’s a cracking piece Lewis, like you I wouldn’t post many if they were only those I liked. This one is definitely worth posting.

This is a great imaginative assortment creating many narratives. Superb as usual Lewis.

Superb Lewis always amazing visions I would say Merry Christmas

Thanks to all for taking the time to comment. I'll probably revisit pop art...although these labels aren't very helpful...so I'm never quite sure what it is.

Looks like you had a lot of fun with this Lewis - and very well drawn as always :) Like the Japanese influence in the corner :)

The only resolution I make Lewis, is not to make any! I like the mix of styles and subjects here, lots of interesting things to look at.

Sorry I'm not a fan of pop art but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate the talent and work that's gone into this piece Lewis. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I wish I had a fraction of your imagination:)

You never fail to please the eye, Lewis. I particularly like the, Hokusai - The Great Wave. You're right about resolutions, made to be broken :)

Posted by C Jones on Sat 15 Dec 12:56:34

Thanks again to all for your great feedback. I understand one aspect of pop art is to include popular culture...that's why the Hokusai wave is in there (very popular with me.)

Nice one Lew very well painted it grabs the interest and makes the viewer look for interpretations. As for new year resolutions the only one I've ever kept was one I made many years ago and that was never to make any new year resolutions, worked for me.

Great idea and painting, Lewis - have a Happy CHRISTMAS..

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We're getting near that time when 'resolutions' start to emerge. Last year I intended to try to paint 'in the style of' art forms that I like. POP ART was one...I don't like all of it (like Warhol's) but some I find inspirational. So I had a go. This was done earlier in the year...not entirely happy with it, not sure it even qualifies as 'pop art', so I haven't posted it. But then, if I only posted stuff I was entirely pleased with, there'd be very few posts from me. Don't think I'll bother with resolutions this year, generally the only interest they serve is how quickly I can break them.

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