Montmartre Square - A4 sketchbook- pen and water-soluble pencil

Montmartre Square - A4 sketchbook- pen and water-soluble pencil

Bravo! Monsieur , it makes me smile.

So full of your great characters as usual, brilliantly drawn 😀

Expressions are your total strong point Lew, lovely work.

Thank you Annick, Linda and Jim, for your encouraging feedback. On a whim I stuck a couple of odd characters in there, one's supposed to be Toulouse Lautrec, and the other is our Jim, using his new credit card painting technique. Since Jim hasn't spotted himself, perhaps it's nothing like him.

Great Parisian atmosphere with tremendous skill Lewis. So much to absorb.

Superb depiction of the place Lew, splendidly drawn characters..

I spotted Jim, and I thought you captured him well. Great sketch

Of course I can see Jim, you've "got" him very well Lewis. I like this a lot, we'll have to start a "Parisian" theme.👨‍🎨

Thanks again to all who've commented. That would be nice Marjorie...a Parisian theme...not the one we're seeing on our TV screens at the moment though. My drawings are more like the fantasy Paris that sits in my head. Strange. (At this point, I give a Gallic shrug.)

Great work Lewis full of skill and humour.

I see Jim, very good likeness Lewis and an excellent piece.

Superb. I am not expansive with my comments, but what can I add.

Hang on Studio Wall

We've been to Paris several times, and always go to this marvelous place...a fascination for all artists. Thirty years ago we celebration our 25th anniversary with a meal in the garden of a restaurant here...a wonderful memory. I have several photos of the square but didn't want to copy them, so this is just a suggestion of the place. I have neither the discipline for, nor the interest in, drawing nothing is right in this sketch, just the 'feeling', I hope. (The freedom of 'doodle' sketching.) There's a couple of people in here, who probably shouldn't be there.

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