The woes of Santa.

The woes of Santa.

"Funny"! The doctor will soon shift his Woe to Ho Ho Ho! Very comical and whimsical too,... this cartoon would make patients laugh in Doctor's Waiting Rooms!

Poor Santa! Wonderfully drawn as ever Lewis. Your psychologist is especially wonderful!

I agree with Angela, this would make a great addition to doctors' waiting rooms Lew, which are depressingly practical. A good laugh would work wonders. Great work as ever.

Nicely done and most amusing :)

Thank you Pat, Angela, Tessa and Jim, for your welcome comments.

Made me smile Lewis, great expressions. The psych reminded me of Lord Robert Winston, must be the tache.

Thanks Marjorie...I had to look Robert Winston, this is just a figment of my imagination. This is what they ought to look like.

This is great Lewis. Thanks for the chuckle.

Thanks very much David, Peter, Richard and Carole for having a look and taking the trouble to comment.

Thanks for the chuckle Lewis.

This has given me the best smile today Lewis, you are a tonic! No drawing for me the last few days, me and hubby struck down with flu even though we both had the flu jabs. As my doctor said, "flu is like playing roulette, you win some and you lose some". So your super cartoon has cheered me up no end, well done!

Thank you Val, and the two Margarets for your great feedback. Shame about the flu...we've just had our jabs...who knows, we may be joining you. Glad you liked it, as I said in the description, it's an old joke. But then, I'm not sure there's such a thing as a new joke.

normal service has been resumed ? Nice one Lewis , very apt , very topical. As a pensioner we get free flu jabs from the Government - a case of "beware of Greeks bearing gifts " ?- they're after your pension.

Hang on Studio Wall

Well, suddenly it's December. Not a new joke but I wanted to draw the psychologist. A4 toned sketchbook, pen and watercolor pencil.

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