Paris Scene- A4 sketchbook-Pen & water-soluble pencils. (HB,6b & 8b)

Paris Scene- A4 sketchbook-Pen & water-soluble pencils.  (HB,6b & 8b)

Well you are leaving us plenty to look at in this work Lewis, I feel for you, we downsized to a bungalow 5 years ago and just put new doors on right throughout and now I've got to paint them all, so not had a lot of free time lately for commenting or painting 😀

Brtilliant scene that could be any place in the world but is so very France, Lew. Great characters from all walks. Love the guy in the sunglasses.. Good luck with the builders (material for the future?) (-:

A good one to rest upon - look forward to the resumption of normal service. Best of luck with the builders.

Very Parisian Lewis. Love the hustle, bustle and eccentricity of this.

Terrific caricatures of French people, excellent cartoons and pen/ink figures, superb style and expressive!

'Every picture tells a story' Lewis, there's so much going on here makes you wonder what they're all thinking about. Great character studies

Paris is great, these characters are also. Super drawing skills Lew.

Great ...French! Couldn't be anywhere else! Lovely sketch Lewis. Know how you feel about space....all my Gallery paintings are all over our tiny spare room!!

This great cartoon would make a superb picture, house renovation permitting!

Thanks to everybody for your wonderful feedback. I've been to Paris a few times and loved it...but this is a kind of fantasy Paris...although you may find one or two characters like this.

Certainly a lot to look at here Lewis and so Francais.

Great characters Lewis, brilliant work.

Such good expressions on those faces Lewis. So many different individuals each with something to say. There's a story to be told here. You'll be drawing builders at work soon then :)

Great sketch Lewis. You have my sympathy - I have to clear all "stuff" out into the garage as my house has just gone on the market.

Good luck with the building work Lewis. Don’t make it too long before you are back, we count on you to start our day on a cheery note.

Good luck with the builders! Great image Lewis

Beautiful, I remember when Paris looked like that ^^ could use some protesters or cars on fire now. Good luck with the building.

Superb. As Jim says, lots of material with building work and builders. I look forward to it! Anyway, deep breath ....

Well, it's absolutely fabulous, Lewis. Almost impossible to pick a favourite but the waiter's expression is a hoot. You've just got to love the guy in the background wearing the shades. He's as cool as ice. I also like what looks like a seduction scene on the right, where the smooth bloke is amusing the young lady with his romantic patter. I can almost hear the forced French accent. LOL Great stuff Bri

Great fun- so well observed

Hang on Studio Wall

Made up sketch. Won't be posting or commenting much for a week or the builders in. In a little bungalow like ours, clearing out two rooms means every other space is crammed with 'stuff'.

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