Don Quihote sketch. (A4 sketchbook)

Don Quihote sketch. (A4 sketchbook)

Great image Lew. Looks like the old hero seems resigned to not saving the world. Lovely..(-:

He looks dejected, done in ☹️ Great drawing as always Lew.

Thank you Jim and Carole. I tried to make him look as if he's had enough, Carole.

Fantastic how you have got the leather on the belt, brilliant work 😀

Another great drawing Lewis.

He's looking so sad! Great drawing though Lewis.

Awww poor chap, I want to give him a cuddle :)

Thanks again to everyone for all your comments. Such feedback is very encouraging.

Great drawing, Lew. The auld lad looks fed up and a bit bedraggled. Bri

Wonderful expression Lewis, you get some very good effects with the coloured pencils.

Hang on Studio Wall

Art group yesterday, I arrived with a brand new toned sketchbook and no idea what I was going to do. As I'd posted some older pics for a Quihote idea yesterday, I decided to have another go at the bedraggled old fella. Coloured pencils. I decided to add a backlight, it's made-up so no doubt I've gone wrong in places. It had been my intent to add a dark background to make the back-lighting pop. But I got chin-wagging at the tea break and didn't get round to it. So I've done the quick and easy thing and added a black background in photoshop.

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