Finding Blind Pew- A4 sketchbook - Pencil - Pen & wash

Finding Blind Pew- A4 sketchbook - Pencil - Pen & wash

I wouldn't even know where to start on this project, Lewis!!! I, too, prefer the one in the middle, great stuff, though anyway!

I'd have thought a tricorn hat from that era Lew, but I reckon your versions are the way to go, as you see Pew. Nice work.

I agree Lewis its the middle one for me.

Great exercise, Lewis, and one well worth pursuing. Super sketches and characterisation, all three. Bri

All are great Lewis, as usual! I like the one on the left...

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I posted a drawing yesterday of Billy Bones from Treasure Island. Robert made a comment referring to Blind Pew. Oddly I'd done a few sketches for this character over the past couple of weeks. The problem when reading about these characters is that you form an image inside your head, but getting it down on paper isn't always easy...because the mental image is somehow indistinct. I've had a go. The two pics on the left are quick pencil sketches...not quite there. So I tried another eye-covering, no hat. Completely wrong, he looks more like somebody from Game of Thrones. So not there yet but fun trying. I prefer the one in the middle at the moment...the proportions are wrong in the full length sketch (done too hurriedly), and I need to find out more about the period clothing. The last thing I want to do is copy some actor who played him.

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