The pleasures of modern life - The Computer.

The pleasures of modern life - The Computer.

Love it. Since my old pc finally blew up this week, I can fully attest to the truth of this Lew. No doubt the imp has already made a home in my new unit.

It's all true cos www is 666 in Hebrew. Great caricature Lewis.

Computer says ‘Yes’ Lewis. Usual brilliance.

Brilliant Lewis! I love this one :)

As always Lewis - Great.

Ah, so there's the cause of my present distress! Except my little demon is asleep most of the time - particularly when I try to boot up in the morning......

Hope you don't mind, Lewis, but I've shared this (with attribution to you of course) in a closed group of which I'm a member: needed to explain why I've not yet typed up two sets of minutes, given I've had one computer die on me, and another that keeps freezing. It just seemed so completely appropriate!

Thanks very much for your feedback, very welcome as always. Jim, I think it was something you wrote in the forum that prompted this. I have no objection to your sharing this, Robert. I love my computer, wouldn't be without it...except for those occasions when I feel like dumping it. A feeling I'm sure we all share.

Those little devils get everywhere, Lew, and this one looks like he's related to gremlins. What a combo'. Great expressions all round. Excellent! Bri

Yes we have all got to know that we have those little blighters making our lives difficult just when we want to get something done quickly. I think mine is red though as that is certainly the colour I see !!!.

I love this! Brilliant work.

Great one Lewis! I am sure you read Pratchett!!!

Made me chuckle Lewis :)

I don't have one of those in my computer Lewis, I have around a dozen! You are right about having steam coming out of your ears too. It's a daily occurrence with me. I just absolutely love this, your sketch, not the computer! Oh how simple life used to be when we didn't threaten to throw a machine out of the window.

Hang on Studio Wall

You didn't really think your computer was full of electronics, did you? That's all smoke and mirrors. At last the truth can be told. A quickie in my A3 sketchbook. Pen and wash...text added in photoshop.

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