Fantasy into fact - Zombies- (Abandoned idea).

Fantasy into fact - Zombies- (Abandoned idea).

Yes, Lewis, very depressing. People now prefer to communicate with the world but not with the ones close to them. I´ve seen a report where youngsters were invited to go into a forest only to wear headgear to show them a computerized forest in 3D.

It never ceases to amaze me why people have to walk around with them glued to their ears, pushing prams, doing the shopping, everywhere you go, but must admit I wouldn't be without mine, but there are limits, I always leave mine in the kitchen at bedtime, your sketch is depressing but none the less true !!!

Can't have a family gathering, meal etc, anymore without the presence of half a dozen mobiles. I signed myself out of Faceache etc a long while back. My phone is used totally emergency only or to speak to my wife. The rest can send messages. I can't cope with baseball caps and hoodies either, in church or restaurants. Manners? Where did they go? Future generations will probably be born with three hands for mobile use and a spare phone and shoulder harness for taking full-time selfies. Crazy old world we now live in. Old-fashiones, yes sir, and proud of it. (-:

Sometimes I feel that we all guilty of been hypnotised by electronic devices whether it be computers or phones. They are very addictive but they definitely turn one into a zombie. Is all due fixed focus, must be true I saw on my phone?

What is sad Lewis is they don’t see themselves like this......I see, self absorbed units, lacking life skills who are totally inadequate when it comes to a real conversation, and life for that matter. But, they are not always to blame, unfortunately some blame lies at the door of parents and ....this is likely to get me sent to Coventry....grandparents. I was speaking to a grannie a couple of days ago that had a horrendous time in a restaurant with her granddaughter. Apparently, the granddaughter refused and sent three meals back to the kitchen, I asked how old she was....EIGHT.....of course my next question was, why did you allow it? Her answer began with, well, you know how it I said, I don’t. Your drawing highlights a depressing reality Lewis, there is hope, some of the younger generations have personalities and manners and will be a credit to their families.

A splendid idea in conceptual art. The living dead precisely. Some of them ‘nearly’ die as they walk in front of your can and I feel like killing them when they walk right into you when you’re on foot. And great draughtsmanship as usual Lewis.

Great depiction unfortunately of modern day life. Have to say when you manage to get the grand kids away from all these devices they seem happy to engage with real life and seem to forget about technology for a short while and enjoy normal pleasures with gusto, when engaging in activities that involve interaction.I suppose it's just trying to use these useful tools in moderation without becoming obsessed with them.

You are so right Lewis, I think in generations to come folk will have permanently bent heads as in your drawing. I don't understand why youngsters (and ?oldsters) have to look and talk on their phones as they walk along the street. I must admit I do use my phone a lot, but certainly not in company.

Thanks to all for the feedback...I'm not knocking the phones etc, they are great...the problem is they aren't just phones, and seem to have become a lifestyle for some users.

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Thought I'd show this, although I've given up on the idea. I felt it was too depressing to continue. These phones are wonderful, although some people seem to use them as a substitute for life...but that's just the opinion of this old codger. I was going to try to paint them in a beautiful background (that they were ignoring), but settled for a few lines in the end. In fact the whole thing got a bit hurried, and could be better. An odd one this...on occasion I'm disappointed with a pic, but this time I was depressed by my OWN idea! I'll go back to drawing trolls...the real ones...but which I mean fantasy trolls. Ehh? Where are my pills? A3 sketchbook. Pen.

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