Old paintings re-assessed - 'Blind Captain Cat.'

Old paintings re-assessed - 'Blind Captain Cat.'

I really like the figures Lewis and the text gives meaning to the painting but I honestly think the original without the tech was very good too. Reminds me of an old fashioned 'talkie' film.

Like the figures Lewis.

I like it Lewis, such great charaters.

Everything you do is class Lew. Great way to illustrate text and you do it so well.

Brilliant depiction of one of my favourite poems. CC s exactly as I imagine him!

Rosie Probert, now there's a lass. Great stuff, Lew, and wonderful depictions. The text sets the mood and scene perfectly IMHO. Bri

Thanks to everyone for having a look and your most welcome comments.

Brilliant Lewis. Just love the dream lines going across the picture. Incredible.

Wonderful Lew, very informative painting.

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As has been observed, paintings can disappoint, but can be viewed differently after the passing of time. This was my first attempt at an 'Under Milk Wood' picture. It's a couple of years old. I painted it intending to put text down the left hand side. I practiced using opaque acrylic over watercolour for the text, but my freehand text is dire, so I never finished the pic. With no text the painting is out of balance...and there were a few things I didn't like anyway. It got filed away. Now, two years on, I've had another look, doesn't seem so bad...so I've put the text on in Photoshop. I'm left with the out-of-balance painting, and it exists in this form only as a digital image. Watercolour and pen, 16 x 12 inch (Original painting). Hope it's of interest. (I did a newer version of 'Under Milk Wood' that I posted a few months back.)

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Self taught. Love drawing. Like to make pictures up, without using reference pics, often in cartoon style. I do other pictures where I do use reference. I'm knocking on a bit, born in 1940 in Greenwich, London. Retired, and loving it.

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