Oddities in Opera - The teenage lovers.

Oddities in Opera - The teenage lovers.

Thanks for my morning fix, Lewis. Another wonderful cartoon.

This is so funny Lewis, what better start to the day than having a laugh with you.. The drawing of this is wonderful.

Love the drawing, Lewis, and enjoyed the narrative very much. The lady's expression is a hoot, as if she's saying, "Not you again". Another beauty. Brian

"The fat lady singing" ( refering to this opera) is a common joke that ends/finalises a lot of events. As ever you have her/them spot on Lewis. (-:

Another hilarious drawing! Their expressions are so funny, and I love her armoured dress!

Ooh, Lewis, she'd be painful to bump into!😂

Thanks for the feedback, I was worried this has gone on too long. (Last one tomorrow). You're right about her outfit, Marjorie, she needs hazard warnings all around her. I looked her up on the net (to find out how to spell her name)...some of the images I saw there make my outfit look quite restrained.

Brilliant again , Lewis! My daughter in law [Maltese, and large!] tells me voices do not mature until people have turned 30! She sings opera, and beautifully! Wonderful drawing in this one, love her hair! And expressions are priceless!

I just love your characters . I don't know if you have heard of the "Fallas" in Spain but you would have a field day designing these. They are huge effigies made out of wood, papier-mâché etc. and are erected in towns in the Valencia region in March each year and are burnt after being filled with fireworks.

I hope her armour isn’t loaded Lewis, could do some damage! Love your narratives that go with your superb and imaginative paintings.

The expressions are priceless Lew. So well done!

Hang on Studio Wall

In fairness this happens less often these days, there seem to be a lot of younger opera singers around. A few years back I used to record operas when shown on the BBC, because I love a lot of the music and wanted to see/hear it performed in the operas they came from. (there was a lot of fast-forwarding) Back then, teenage lovers played by middle-aged singers seemed to be the norm.

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