Oddities in Opera-The death scene.

Oddities in Opera-The death scene.

Another wonderfully observed sketch, Lewis. Love it.

Its OK to be lazy when the result is still good... it simply means you can move onto the next one more quickly.

Woman or no woman, I can hear "Palliacci" to be sure. Great work Lew...(-:

Quite brilliant, Lewis. A quick one! Great work. Brian

Who needs logic when they've got your wonderful drawing to enjoy and superb finale music to listen to! Keep 'em coming, that man! Don't let the heat get to you!!!

Love it, painting and write up spot on.

Thanks, as ever, for your wonderfully encouraging feedback.

This reminds me of the leaflets and the newspaper printings, that were done back when the suffregettes were being ridiculed. Brill

That’s another cracker Lewis

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Another piece of nonsense...quick sketch again. Pen and wash. Actually I've been using a watercolour pencil for the wash...stroke in a few lines, then blend with a clean wet brush. Quick and easy. I must shake off this laziness and paint and proper picture.

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