Sketchbook-Mr and Mrs Dwarf.

Sketchbook-Mr and Mrs Dwarf.

It’s not just your fantastic characters I like, Lewis, but also your comments . Very funny.

So glad you told us which was the difficult to tell sometimes these days. I am sure you keep your "Art Group" in stitches with your wonderful artwork.

"The female of the species is more deadly than the male..." sayeth Rudyard Kipling.....I think he was right...(-: Great stuff Lew.

Don't fancy her one bit. *smile* Or him! lol Great work and super commentary, Lewis. Loved them, and they put a big smile on my face. Brian

Yes noted the heels , skirt and tangles...bells on cap and smaller horns.... plus arms akimbo... Mr Dwarf obviously is a scruffy little tike he dosent seem to be much of a provider. Just like a man.

😂😂 shes amazing she has so much attitude. Awww can you do a Gimley next hes my favourite.

Of course we should know which is the female she's the one that's had her curlers in all night 😂 or Mr Dwarf could buy her a beard trimmer for her birthday 😀😀😀

Brilliant Lewis, both drawings and commentary.

Absolutely brilliant Lewis! Isn’t she bewitching......a face only a mother could love!

Ha Ha! Lewis, these are brilliant, which is which though!!!

Glod, glod, glod! I prefer the tousled look that the female dwarf has. She's definitely a bit racy for a dwarf, a skirt and high heels, "gasp".

Just catching up and came across anther hot day Lewis special even if Mrs is not my type !

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Done at our Art Group yesterday...a 'do your own thing' day. I put some dwarfs in my Bilbo Baggins pic I posted yesterday, and wondered how they might look if I'd made them mostly beard. I tried two different ways to draw the beards...on the left, just straight lines (the combed look), on the right with a bit of 'tangle'...think I prefer the tangled look. The figure on the right is a female dwarf. Everybody knows dwarf girls have beards (??). (It must make initial contact between the sexes a little edgy.) In fact the girl on the right would be a little too feminine for most dwarfs...she's got high heels on, that make her feet too too dainty. A4 sketchbook. Pencil.

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